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1. Chest compression depth is considered adequate on an adult when it is at which of the following?
2. Chest compressions are usually more often too deep than too shallow. True or False?
3. A patient has a pulse but is in respiratory arrest. You start rescue breathing correctly when you are doing which of the following?
4. During CPR, how often are compressors switched?
5. You come upon a person who is unresponsive. You cannot tell if they have a pulse or not..what do you do?
6. How many compressions should be done per minute for adults in cardiac arrest?
7. You are doing CPR on a 4 year old child. There are 2 rescuers. What is the compression to ventilation ratio in this scenario?
8. You are doing a pulse check. According to AHA (American Heart Association), if there is no pulse within how many seconds, do you start CPR (beginning with compressions)?


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