1. A patient reports that she developed pain in her right lower leg a few days ago. A venous doppler confirmed a DVT. Which medication below most likely caused this?

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2. The nurse is taking care of an elderly woman. The nurse understands that all of the following are expected changes with aging EXCEPT:

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3. A woman tells you she is 26 weeks pregnant. She says she also has 2 children (a 2 & 6 year old). She has had a total of 3 pregnancies in her life (as listed above). Which of the following matches this woman's history correctly?

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4. A patient is getting ready to discharge from a labor and delivery unit. They had an uncomplicated vaginal delivery to a 8 lbs baby. You are reviewing general postpartum expectations. You have confidence in the patient's understanding about postpartum care when they say which of the following?

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5. A pregnant woman owns a cat. You are explaining to her why she should not be the one changing the cat litter box. Which disease are you most concerned about her contracting in relation to this?


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6. It is normal for a newborn to lose weight after birth. On average, when do most babies regain their weight back to birth weight?


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7. A 33 year old woman just had her first baby. She will be leaving the hospital tomorrow. She is feeling very anxious, tired, and overwhelmed. She says to you “Ive read so many books for the last 9 months, but still don’t feel like I know how to do anything about having a baby”. Which nursing diagnosis below would be the most important one for this patient?


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8. A 22-year old patient is coming for an appointment because she has concerns she is pregnant. She has missed her period by a week. She is nauseated, and urinating often. Which of pregnancy sign would these things fall under?



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9. Giving honey to a child under 12 months old should be avoided, as this may result in?


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A mother who is breast feeding calls the office and says their newborn is only breast feeding from the left breast. Which of the following is the best advice?



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11. You have a 25 yr old patient who has concerns about developing hepatitis C. They are an IV drug user who shares needles. They live in California. They have 5 different sex partners. They share utensils with others. You know that the greatest risk factor that they have for developing hepatitis C, is which of the following?



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