TEST QUESTION: Neck Swelling and Pain-What is it?

TEST QUESTION: Neck Swelling and Pain-What is it?

CORRECT ANSWER:Β D) Ludwig’s angina

Ludwig’s angina often develops after a tooth infection or other infection of the mouth (such as pericoronitis). The floor of the mouth develops into a cellulitis. Often there is neck swelling, pain at floor of mouth, fever, neck pain, erythematous neck. It can leading to difficulties with breathing. This diagnosis is consider an emergency


A) Herpetic whitlow: is on the finger. It’s caused by herpes simplex virus. It’s painful and one would usually see blisters on finger

B) Pericoronitis: is the gum/tissue swollen around/near the wisdom tooth. Can cause severe pain & trismus

C) Ramsey Hunt Syndrome: Shingles that involves the facial nerve near the ear. These patients usually have a painful rash and sometimes facial paralysis. The can also have hearing loss as well.



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Disclaimer this is not intended for diagnosis purposes. This is for educational purposes only. It is intended for medical professional and students in the medical field (nursing, medical, LPN, PA, nurse practitioner students etc..)



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