TEST QUESTION: Severe Headache


CORRECT ANSWER: B) Call the on call for stat (immediate) head CT

  • The key words here are “sudden severe headache”. This equals a red flag. Generally a MRI is done after CT head is performed –specifically if no acute finds on the CT. See differential list below for potential causes of headaches.
  • The blood pressure is in 150’s– which wouldn’t likely be the cause of a severe headache. Although it is important to note, that the higher the blood pressure gets-symptoms of headache, blurred vision, and nausea can develop. It is important to note that pain may be what is actually causing the blood pressure to increase. Hydralazine is sometimes a PRN (as needed) medication on the chart. It is usually under set parameters to give if SBP >160, >170, >180, >190, etc…
  • Although administering acetomenophen might be something to do at some point for the pain-it’s important to realize the significance and urgency of a sudden severe headache. Think about what needs to come first in this situation? What are the potential causes?
  • See the list of differential diagnosis below-subdural hematomas, stroke, some things to think about


Acute angle-closure glaucoma

Acute mountain syndrome/hypoxia

Alcohol withdrawal

Caffeine withdrawal

Carbon monoxide poisoning

Cervical disc disease-bulging discs

Concussion/head trauma



Elevated blood pressure

Increased intracranial pressure


Medication overuse

Medication withdrawal


Migraines-cluster, tension

Neck tension


Subarachnoid hemorrhage

Subdural hematoma


Temporal arteritis



Trigeminal neuralgia


These are just some of the potential causes

Β  This is not an all-inclusive list…..


  1. Epocrates- (paid version) Differential Dx list headaches

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