CORRECT ANSWER A) Corned beef.

MAOI (Monoamine oxidase inhibitors) is a class of medications that helps with depression. This class was one of the first developed to treat for depression. They are not as frequently prescribed now as newer class antidepressants. Newer classes often have fewer side effects than MAOIs. However, for some individuals, this class works well and is sometimes still used. (1) Certain foods should be avoided while on this class medication-specifically tyramine containing foods. High tyramine containing foods can actually cause dangerous spikes in blood pressure while taking a MAOI.

Corned beef is considered a cured beef product. Other cured meats include dry summer sausage and salami. These contain tyramine. One should not eat tyramine containing foods while taking a MAOI. Aged cheese, wine, beer, sauerkraut, cured meats, smoked or processed meats (hot dogs, bacon, bologna, smoked fish), soy sauce, are all examples of foods/drinks that contain tyramine (theses are just a few). Note-Cheeses from pasteurized milk do not usually have higher levels of tyramine-but still have to be cautious. Eating foods that contain tyramine while taking a MAOI, may cause a dangerous spike in blood pressure.  List of MAOIs


  • fermented
  • cured
  • aged
  • spoiled


The question is asking which food would be the MOST concerning. This is a key word that can often be tricky. On NCLEX and other such licensure tests, you will often run into questions like this. These questions may have more than one right answer but are asking you to pick the best one. Here it is really asking you to choose the food with the highest tyramine content, as high tyramine containing foods should be avoided while taking a MAOI. Livestrong.com-“The only cheeses that can be eaten are cottage cheese, cream cheese, ricotta, part-skim mozzarella and American processed cheese. These types of cheese are allowed as long as they have been refrigerated for no more than two or three weeks.” (5). Specifically aged cheeses such as cheddar, Swiss, blue, Brie, Stilton and Camembert should be avoided. Corned beef is a cured meat and has higher content of tyramine than the other choices.


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