TEST QUESTION: Learning Difficulties

CORRECT ANSWER: B) Lead poisoning


Lead poisoning: Symptoms include developmental delays, poor appetite, learning disabilities, irritability, abdomen pain, hearing loss. Pica (eating non food items-paint chips, ice) in young children, often leads to lead poisoning. Especially if they live in an older home. Some homes used to contain lead in the paint (late 1970’s and earlier). Lead based paint (especially older homes) is the most common source of lead exposure. Also certain toys and household furniture contain lead. Pica is theorized to be related to iron/zinc deficiency.

Asbestos exposure: Shortness of air, coughing, clubbing nails, nail deformities, chest tightness, loss of appetite. Usually from occupational exposure-asbestosis containing industrial materials.

Mercury poisoning: Often found in fish and shellfish. Symptoms: impaired peripheral vision, numbness and tingling, impaired speech, tremors, muscle atrophy, insomnia, weakness, cognitive decline, headaches, twitching

Carbon monoxide poisoning: Symptoms include headaches, cherry colored lips (uncommon), dizziness, blurred vision, confusion, nausea/vomit



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